Saturday, February 11, 2012

Letter to MS 2/11/12

Dear MS:

We met almost twenty years ago.  I was introduced to you on July 6th 1992 by Doctor David O’Neal.  You were the reason my wife could not walk very well and also the reason she was seeing double.  Over the years I have watched as you have attacked not only my wife but others that I know.  What is it with you that make this a necessary part of your daily routine?  Most of the folks I know want to forget about you but can‘t.  The doctor told us in 1992 that there would never be another day when we didn’t think about you.  It took me a while to understand but twenty years later I know he was right.  GO AWAY, PLEASE!  Do you enjoy destroying the physical, mental, and in some cases the spiritual lives of those whose body you take over?  You not only affect the lives of those who have it but the family members as well.  I don’t believe you understand the pain you cause families.  Is this something you enjoy?  Why can’t you leave us alone?  Don’t try to destroy our relationships, our love for each other, our kindness, our faith, nor our hope.  But despite everything you have done to my family I still search for the peace that passes all understanding.  You see, without peace I am unfulfilled.  The number one question I must ask myself is, “what can I do to find peace?”  You see MS—I trust God, I love others, and I am a good neighbor and I do good in my community but still your influence on my life makes peace the hardest quality to find.  I shall never give up, NEVER.  And so today is the beginning point for me.  From this day forward I am not going to concern myself with you as much as I concern myself with finding peace.  I want you to know that I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU AND I HATE YOU!  That feels good!  You will receive additional letters from me because I want you to know how I am doing.   I have started a war—a war between you and me.  I am going to win, I promise.  I am going to have peace.  I will win and I hope others will join me in this war.  Victory is ours.  Hail to the victor--


  1. Good first letter. Looking forward to reading the ones to come. MS Sucks!

  2. Steve. I don't know anyone besides Debbie who has MS, but I read about it every day in the transcriptions I do for a neurologist and can honestly say that it brings me to tears the way MS affects people, their families, and their entire lives. So many plans completely derailed by this terrible disease and sometimes by the very medications designed to help it. I hope these letters you write can bring you some measure of peace and I will continue to pray that someday someone will find a better treatment for those who have suffered so long from this.

    Take care,
    Alison Brockman

  3. Hey Mr. Steve,
    I read about your new blog in The Chronicles of Nat :)
    I think this is a great idea, and a great way to get out some of those negative feelings.
    Good first letter!